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Hi there - I'm Ken Fischer, and Fischer IT Solutions is my company.

I started it back in 2012 to bring enterprise-quality technology solutions to the small businesses that are struggling to make due with poorly maintained, out of date, and inadequate products, services, and strategies. 

We're a small, independent, local business, just like the ones that most of our clients have. We have offices in Annapolis Maryland and Newport News Virginia, and usually work with businesses who are close to us.

Let's face it - nobody likes dealing with the IT department and tech support. We want to change that.

Ken Fischer - Owner of Fischer IT Solutions

Ken Fischer, Owner of Fischer IT Solutions - Photo by Liz and Ryan

You'll notice some things about Fischer IT that are different.

We may not have the lowest prices, but we work hard to provide more value than anyone else.

We may not be on the phone with you in five seconds, but when we do connect, you'll talk to someone who lives nearby and who you may even know in person.

We may not offer every service that your business needs, but we are great at the products and services that we do offer. We're also excited when we get to refer you to someone else. 

We get to know you, your people, and your business. 

In short, we aren't trying to be a good fit for everyone - this allows us to be a great fit for some clients.


Ken blew my mind with his vast knowledge, eye-opening advice and genuine care about my business. I look forward to working with him for many years to come!

Titi Sibajene

Owner - Internal Makeover Cleanse

Here is who we are great at helping:

Privately owned businesses which have...

...up to about a dozen employees who spend at least part of their week using a computer.

...an employee or two who split their time between their "real job" and handling technology issues.

...trouble deciding where to focus their attention on with regard to their many technology challenges.

...no idea whether their computers are really secure, performing the best they can, or being maintained properly.

...limited budget for technology investments, and no idea where to start digging into the many options.

...one or more offices that are located:

  • in or near the cities of Annapolis, Baltimore, Newport News, Norfolk, Richmond, Virginia Beach, or Williamsburg
  • inside of the District of Columbia Beltway
  • within 20 miles of I-95, between Baltimore and Richmond
  • within 30 miles of I-64, between Richmond and Virginia Beach

Sound familiar?

If so, we just might be a good fit for each other. The great news is that you can test drive our tech support services for free.

Here are our other services that are tailor-made for small business:

Technology Assessment

This FREE service is provided to qualified businesses to help them learn what's working well and what needs attention. 

You'll receive comprehensive reports about our findings, and a plan with recommendations for resolving the issues.

Websites PLUS

Your online presence is fare more than just a pretty website. It includes every way that you connect with your leads, prospects, and clients. 

We create an online presence which supports your business goals, looks fantastic, and is easy to maintain. 

Proactive Services

We'll keep your existing technology running smoothly by proactively updating and monitoring the systems that you depend on.

If there is ever a problem with your systems, we take the lead to get you back up and running quickly. 

Need Tech Support? Try us out for FREE!

Get instant access to 14 days of our remote tech support service with a free trial. 

No hidden charges, surprise fees, or credit card required during your trial!

New business clients only, limit of one trial period per business.


All of our services are guaranteed for a full 30 days.  If you aren't 100% percent satisfied, simply let us know and we will make things right, even if that means giving you a refund.

Fischer IT 100% satisfaction guarantee

Technology Should Make Things Better

If it doesn't, you're probably better off without it.

Frustrated office worker

When you spend time fixing problems and struggling with broken technology, you can't focus on providing value to your existing clients and attracting new business. 

"Winning Teams have the least amount of distractions."
~ Larry Dixon

World Class Solutions that Work

We put world class vendors and solutions within the reach of any small business.

There are plenty of different approaches to most technology challenges. We help you decide which solutions are the best choices.

Don't settle for Trial and Error when you can have Tried and True.

Redefine how you look at Technology

The internet can feel like the wild wild west sometimes.

Fads come and go, and it can be nearly impossible to keep up with what's current, important, and relevant online – especially when it comes to your business.

Fischer IT Solutions takes the guesswork out of technology for your small business. 

Think of us as the in-house IT Department that doesn't take up any of your office space... and that you actually like talking to.