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Where are all of the Blog Posts?

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If you found your way here, you’re probably excited to read our other content.

Well, unfortunately there isn’t much to show you at the moment.  You see, we got really busy over the last year or two, and pretty much stopped posting.

Busy is good. Too busy to post though… not so good. 

Worse than that though, is only having old stale posts that don’t always apply to current tech.  So… we put them all away.  Some will be back as we go through them, others may never reappear.

No matter what, we’re planning to post bunch of new stuff going forward, along with breathing some life back into those evergreen articles that still make sense.

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Ken Fischer

Ken has been providing tech support and advice for more than 20 years. He started out as a dial-up support tech way back in 1998, and after working for a few companies decided to start Fischer IT Solutions back in 2012. Even though he runs the company, you'll still catch him on the phone solving problems for our small business clients.